Our team

We are small town girls, travelers, yoga girls, climbers, wave seekers and entrepreneurs. Our skill sets couldn’t be more different despite all share the same passion… the passion for personal growth and the belief that you deserve and can achieve everything you dream of. Our goal is to use the diversity of our skills to create an empowering and liberating retreat for you.

We work with local surf schools and local rental companies to provide you with all the gear and information necessary for the retreat.

Stefanie Hoelzl

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure” Joseph Campbell

I am the owner and chef of Blu Hour Retreat. At 31, living a corporate life, I decided to travel the world. Traveling changed my own expectations about what life should be like and made me realize what I truly crave – supporting others in living a fuller and healthier life. I studied Business Coaching (Life Coaching), took a self awareness workshop and moved to Costa Rica to follow my passion, surfing. In Costa Rica, I rediscovered my love for cooking healthy delicious food. I am responsible for the organization before your arrival and for your overall wellbeing during the retreat. With the support of Amber and Anna, we can offer you something we crave for ourselves as well – PASSION, INSPIRATION, EXCITEMENT, MOTIVATION, CHALLENGE, COMMUNITY AND DELICIOUSLY HEALTHY FOOD


Anna Jelinek

Life Coach/Psychologist/Therapist/Supervisor
“In the core of every beginning lives magic. Magic that protects us and helps us live.” – Hermann Hesse

I am responsible for the Empowerment workshop of Blu Hour Retreat.
Throughout the years, I discovered that personal growth, finding a meaning in life and living our passion is vital for every single one of us. I thrive towards personal growth every single day and my passion is to support people on this path.
I am glad to have met Stefanie during a climbing course many years ago and even though our lives look quite different, we have a strong connection in our striving for growth and living a passionate and meaningful life.


Amber Hagberg

Yoga Teacher/Massage Therapist
“I trust the ones who are always seeking to grow” Yung Pueblo

I am responsible for your daily Yoga and Meditation practice. I took over 260 hours of yoga training in Colorado, U.S.A.  and continue to study every year with teachers who inspire me. I currently live in Costa Rica where I teach yoga, teach others how to teach yoga, give massages, and surf everyday I can! I am now an international yoga teacher, leading yoga trainings and retreats around the world. I believe we all have a chance to create the life we dream about in our minds with healing, determination, commitment, and TRUST in ourselves.



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